Translation Management System for Translation Agencies and Freelance Translators.

The Mother of All Translation Management Systems Returns with a Massive Set of New Features

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, May 24, 2017—Advanced International Translations (AIT) has released Translation Office 3000 (TO3000) 3D, the latest version of TO3000, the translation management software for freelance translators. TO3000 was designed to spare freelance translators from dealing with administrative issues, allowing them to concentrate more on core business. The first version of TO3000 was released 20 years ago in 1997 and was followed by Projetex, software for organizing the daily work of translation agencies. The success of TO3000 and Projetex has attracted many publishers to the market of the organizing process of translation, but TO3000 and Projetex keep leading positions in that market.

The new 3D version provides the most features for managing translation jobs and projects, allowing freelance translators to perform prospects relationship management, send emails right from the program, and generate 3D reports. Multitasking enhancements represented by the multiple-document interface (MDI) ensure a more productive environment, and new appearance settings enable users to seamlessly customize the TO3000 look. 

“In its time, TO3000 became a game changer in everyday life of hundreds of freelance translators around the world,” said AIT’s managing director Volodymyr Pedchenko.  Since then, hundreds turned into thousands, and every day we put a lot of effort to retain our users' confidence and live up to their expectations. The TO3000 3D version will help freelance translation businesses to break new ground and evolve with robust prospects management module, 3D reports, knowledgebase, dashboard and more.”

Like any other kind of business, freelance translators have to track and optimize sales processes. This new 3D version provides extended opportunities for streamlining freelance translators’ sales experience through the Prospects module. Once an ideal candidate for translation or localization services has taken shape on the horizon, a user will be able to enter all vital data about that candidate into the TO3000 database to effectively follow up with a consumer. New functionality allows the user to add prices and create quotes for prospects, send them emails right from the translation management software, and convert them into clients in one mouse click. 

The enhanced graphical user interface (GUI) will be a pleasant surprise for all TO3000 users. Multiple-document interface (MDI) provides the possibility of having several windows open at once in order to increase efficiency in the use of screen space. In addition to the MDI, now it is possible to choose skins for a more pleasant visual experience. 

AIT is also introducing new 3D reports built around an online analytical processing (OLAP) cube, which represents a multi-dimensional database that stores data for analysis and provides the basis for high-performance reporting systems. The 3D reports feature lets freelance translators generate insightful reports to help them be up to speed on business performance.

The built-in mail sender makes it possible to send emails directly from the translation management software, and using email templates will save users at least 30 minutes a day or 10 hours a month by preventing waste and redundancy of work.

The dashboard gives an instant access to information freelance translators use daily in the convenient form of widgets. TO3000 3D includes a variety of widgets for client jobs, projects, and invoices to provide a better idea of the main trends.

With this new software, freelance translators can use the knowledgebase as a place to store and manage the information they need to do their job better. The knowledge base may include guidance materials, how-to articles, professional publications, glossaries, translation industry surveys, or an attached CV, all of which can be accessed at any time.

About AIT

AIT is the leading supplier of translation management software for translation agencies and freelance translators. Since 1998, AIT has developed 11 software tools for translators and language-service providers. AIT released its first translation management software in 2001, and it now has more licensed users than any other company of its type.

TO3000 is a translation management software that allows users to focus on the core areas of freelance translation business. The AIT team of dedicated developers and experienced translators specially designed this advanced management tool for freelance translators to let them easily handle the translation jobs management, track accounting, and carry out administrative tasks in minimum time. The software powers thousands of freelance translators all around the world. TO3000 is the second product in AIT’s successful product line of efficiency tools for translators, which includes  three products:

AnyCount—the most accurate word count software—de facto industry-standard word count software covering 37 file formats.

Translation Office 3000—easy-to-use translation management software for freelance translators that optimizes accounting of translation jobs and ensures efficiency and profitable business.

Projetex—industry-leading translation management software for translation agencies. 

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